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Are you ready to connect with the Soul Seed of the Goddess inside of you?  The Soul Seed that was placed deep within you in the time before time that whispers the way back home.

Embrace the Goddesses supporting you right now. Goddess WithinFind Your Goddess Card Readings are unique attunements to guide you into relationship with the Goddesses that are waiting to guide and support you right now.

Connect personally with your Goddesses through specific Goddess practices. Each Goddess Within – Find Your Goddess Card Reading includes a personalized online space on my teaching platform that is customized for your reading; a holy virtual temple that includes HerStory and mythology, suggested Goddess Practices, and specific guidance from your Goddesses on how they would like to connect with you.

Together we unveil the Goddess Within. I bring my 20+ years of experience as a reader and Priestess of Goddess to our meeting. You bring your energy and desire to connect with Goddess and unfold the Divine Feminine within your life. Together, we invite the Goddesses into the sacred space of our combined intentions and allow the messages to flow.

If you are looking to awaken the goddess and or goddesses within..the more the merrier right? Look no further! I had been working deeply in many ways for several months during the past Venus retrograde from reclaiming my ancestral heritage and the spiritual practices there, shamanic journeying and more. Kimberly tapped right into that vortex and channeled exactly what I needed to further my growth and expansion to embody more of my birthright as a child of the goddess. In plain speak, I am clearer in my purpose and intentions of where I want to go and how to deepen my spiritual practice called life. Looking forward to sharing the gifts the goddess in birthing within me. I am now singing, dancing and drumming everyday, filling my home with love and laughter for my family to be nourished, and my soul to thrive. Creativity is flowing through me wider and more steadily. Kimberly has assisted in opening the flood gate wider! SO ever grateful. Oshun smiles through you! Big Love, Dr. Stephanie Pierre, AP, DOM

Each reading includes:

  • 45 minute three card Goddess reading via recorded conference call – mp3 provided
  • Personal online account/virtual space with access anytime to all information from the reading
  • Identification of a primary Guiding Goddess in your life right now from the three
  • Information about your Goddesses, HerStory, and most importantly, what She represents for your life
  • Correspondences for your Goddesses and suggested altar items
  • Goddess practices and ways for you to connect to your Goddesses
  • Additional resources to continue researching your Goddess
  • A Goddess Altar photo for meditation from your reading

I recently had a Goddess reading done by Kimberly. I must admit I was very skeptical initially because I am new to the Goddess awareness and all the wonderful information. After our initial conversation, I anxiously awaited the reading. I received the reading, did an initial quick scan, and an immediate sense of confirmation/peace came over me. My spirit confirmed “Yes”, this was the real deal and just what the Goddess intended for me to know. Then, I slowly and carefully read my reading and several things literally jumped in my spirit- like an internal “YES, that’s it”. I had a consultation with Kimberly afterward and she answered all my questions and further explained the reading. To say I was satisfied is an understatement! I am now a true believer and because of Kimberly, I have crafted my plan to continue to learn more about the Goddesses and all that the feminine energy has for me . So excited for my year! Amona W.

Order a Goddess Within – Find Your Goddess Card Reading:

    1. Click on the Paypal button below to order the reading – Investment is $108 per reading.
    2. I will send you a confirmation within 24 hours normally and set a time for our call.
    3. All information will be ready in your personal account within 3-5 business days of the reading.
    4. For those who are interested in continuing into my Priestess Within Program, I am happy to apply your reading investment to the cost of that program.

I really wanted to find a Goddess to work with closely. I knew that I have always had healing abilities, but I was not prepared for the deep connection and confirmation that I received from Kimberly. The report I received was very comprehensive and I felt really good about the information since Kimberly has been a Priestess for so many years. Her guidance was incredible and she answered all of my questions. Thank you! I am so excited to begin this new relationship with the Goddess! ~ Janice S.

**Goddess Card Readings are not intended as a replacement for professional services, including: Medical, Mental Health, Business/Legal, and Financial services. Goddess Card Readings are intended as educational, spiritual advice, and entertainment purposes only. See the full Legal Disclaimer and Terms of Service.

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