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The Goddess Wheel of the Year Readings are fantastic Goddess Card Readings for birthdays/solar returns, milestone dates, fresh starts, and New Year. I have clients who reach out to me every year to get their Goddesses for the next year.

I dive into the Goddess Box and pull a Goddess for each month of the upcoming year, plus one overall Goddess – 13 Goddesses in total. Your year is filled with Goddess magic and each month has a unique theme and Goddess guiding you. Connecting with a new Goddess each month enhances your own spiritual practice and makes you more aware of the Divine Feminine working in your life.

Thank You So Much for my Wheel of the Year reading!!! This is the 2nd one for my second year and it is just amazing! !! My soul was uplifted again! The Goddesses were pure insightful Bliss for the upcoming New Year to gather Strength for the much needed transitions! Thank you! Thank you!” Cara S.

Goddess Wheel of the Year Readings have been happening for over 15 years, since I acquired my first Goddess Oracle deck. The synchronicities that occur in each month with the Goddess guiding that month never cease to amaze me!

The Wheel of the Year Goddess Card Reading is done via a 45-60 minute recorded conference call consultation.

Included in the Goddess Wheel of the Year Readings:

  • 45-60 minutes recorded reading
  • Identification of 13 Goddesses – one for each month and one overall Goddess
  • Information about each Goddess and a theme and message for each month
  • Power words for mantra and meditation focus
  • Goddess practices to connect with your overall Goddess (could be a ceremony, a meditation, journal prompts. etc…)
  • A Goddess Wheel of the Year pdf report (approximately 4+ pages) emailed to you, including all of the information above and a Goddess Altar photo of your reading for meditation

OPTIONAL – Add a Goddess Crystal Bundle for $33 (includes USA shipping) – 13 crystals, one for each Goddess

Order a Goddess Wheel of the Year Reading:

  1. Click on the Paypal button below to order the reading – Investment is $122 for just the reading or $155 with crystal bundle.
  2. I will send you a confirmation within 24 hours normally to schedule your call.
  3. You will receive your Goddess Wheel of the Year pdf Report within 4-6 business days of the call.

Wheel of the Year Goddess Card Reading

I received the solar return Goddess reading (wheel of the year reading) from my best friend for my birthday. I wasn’t even sure what the Goddess meant, but Kimberly told me the stories and the idea behind each Goddess that was interesting and has inspired me to read more. This reading also helped me set intentions and goals for the next year for my personal and professional life. I will definitely do this again and give as gifts for my friends. Sarah J.

Give yourself a special gift for the New Year or your birthday or for your friends!

Please contact me for special discounts if you purchase 3 readings or more at the same time!

Wheel of the Year Goddess Card Readings Shakti Shop Kimberly Moore

As the previous owner of a metaphysical bookstore, I can tell you that there are very few reliable intuitive readers around, whether the medium is tarot, I-Ching, astrology or runes. The vast majority rely on books and symbol systems which, while based on some useful ideas such as archetypes or numerology, are rarely flexible enough to respond in a true reading.  During a true reading, there is moving conversation between the client and spirit, which is assisted by the reader but not directed. The ability to both dance and translate the creative flow of ideas between the client and spirit is a gift requiring joy, empathy and clarity of purpose.  Possibly any method could work when matched with the right reader, but in my experience it takes humility and practice for intuitives to learn why and how to use their proper tools. In this area, I am happy to recommend Kimberly Moore as a card reader, using both tarot and goddess decks. Although she has been very good with the tarot for a long time, in the last few years she has developed a deeper expression using a combined deck of many goddess images. This combination of forms and attributes seems to spark a stronger connection and greater subtlety in the conversation between the client and spirit. While I do know some of the goddesses which seem to arise in my life over and over, it has been very helpful to have someone else listen in and assist me to discover and name new or hidden voices. I think the tendency is to seek the familiar or at least attribute all effects to the familiar, but a new method can weave new threads to strengthen and brighten the current tapestry.  Kimberly is great at attuning herself to that conversation and then identifying the new thread so that you can consciously interact with it. If you wish to understand a new relationship with the divine feminine, or even seek a primary connection, Kimberly can certainly help you with that. My recommendation is to take some time by yourself to clearly formulate your questions and then correspond with her about your interests. She will be able to tell you if a reading will help address your needs. Only you can know your path, but a good guide can save you many unnecessary steps by identifying the forms of the divine which speak loudest for you. EPR – Florida

Wheel of the Year Goddess Card Readings with Kimberly F Moore


**Goddess Card Readings are not intended as a replacement for professional services, including: Medical, Mental Health, Business/Legal, and Financial services. Goddess Card Readings are intended as educational, spiritual advice, and entertainment purposes only. See the full Legal Disclaimer and Terms of Service.

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  1. Donna aka Lady Isis Rose says:

    Dear Kimberly,

    Thank you a trillion times over! I so loved my Wheel of the Year Goddess Card Reading! I am looking forward to a year filled with Goddess energy and connections to each of the Goddesses that came through for me. Your explanation of each deity was relevant and meaningful to me. I am thrilled that I will be able to listen to my reading whenever I need to on the MP3. Thank you for the crystals and other gifts. I have been so blessed by you and this reading. It was the best Yule gift ever!

    Goddess Bless,

    Donna aka Lady Isis Rose


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