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The idea for Custom Goddess Journey Boxes evolved from my amazing clients who I work with in Goddess Card Readings and Spiritual Consultations. Many expressed a desire to journey deeper into practice and connection with the Goddess or Goddesses that stepped forward in their readings. To assist them, I always included in the readings lists of suggested items for altars, meditations, and Goddess Practices. As Goddess Shop goodies have filled the MotherHouse, I am delighted to be able to unveil the offering for Custom Goddess Journey Boxes that may be ordered individually OR as a complement to a Find Your Goddess Card Reading.

Goddess Journey Boxes include potent tools and symbols for you to activate your Inner Priestess and enhance your connection with Goddess. Once the Goddess has been identified, I begin curating an unique and sensual expression for that Goddess. Essential oils, Goddess mists, Flower Essences, Gem Elixirs, Crystals and other Gaia Treasures, Incense, Resins, Herbs, Jewelry, Amulets, Statues, Images, Cards, Allies, and Symbols of the particular Goddess are handpicked and led by Goddess Herself as to what tools will invite a powerful approach and union with your Guardian Goddess. In some cases, I am guided to do a Goddess Spirit Walk and collect things from nature in an area that is sacred to that Goddess.

Goddess Journey Box Example MotherHouse Goddess Shop

What is your heart’s desire? Do you need some tools and Goddess energy to come into alignment with your intention? Altar work and Goddess correspondences have been a large part of my Priestess work for more than 20 years. I believe in diligent research, as well as creating sacred space for Goddess to lead the two of us in the creation of your Goddess Journey Box.

We can also create a Goddess Journey Box around a concept or desire for a particular attunement:abundance, fertility, release of grief, healing, protection, transition and transformation, relationships, meditation, dream work, chakra work, sacred space creation.

Goddess Journey Boxes are not “spells” or quick fixes. They are blessings, vibrational tools for you to tap your Inner Priestess and forge sacred pathways directly to Goddess. Reminders of the EveryDay Sacred and  I am honored to be part of your process.

Goddess Journey Box Kimberly Moore Goddess Card Readings

Along with the items in the Goddess Journey Box, you will also receive:

  • a picture of your Goddess Box items before it ships (as above)
  • a comprehensive pdf guide listing each item in the Goddess Journey Box with the properties
  • a Goddess Journey Living Mythology Reference for your Goddess(es)
  • suggested Goddess Practices for use

Once the items are collected and ready, they are smudged and packed carefully and shipped to you within 1-2 weeks of your order. I do not rush the process (unless there is an urgent need).

Investment Options:

Goddess Journey Box – You choose the Goddess and/or Intention and your budget. Prices begin at $50 and shipping is included to the USA only. Contact me with your Goddess intention, wishes, and budget. Let Goddess take you on a journey!

Goddess Journey Box, plus Find Your Goddess Reading begins at $108. Includes Goddess Card Reading and Goddess Journey Box with included shipping to USA only.

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I work closely with Goddess women who create many of the gorgeous tools that are going into the boxes. Daughters of Isis and Red Wholistic provide the Essential Oil Blends and Goddess Mists. Much of the jewelry and amulets come from Ampl Creations and Monserrat Elements.

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