Goddess Card Readings for December New Moon in Sagittarius

Goddess Card Readings for December New Moon in Sagittarius by Kimberly Moore

Happy New Moon in Sagittarius – the last New Moon of 2015! The moon was actually new at 5:29 am eastern so we are on the other side already and into the waxing cycle.

This December 2015 New Moon allows us to channel the exuberant traits of Sagittarius: adventure, optimism, and independence. There are a few tricky aspects (see links below to read more in detail), but the primary message for this moon is to Expand Your Awareness – Reveal Your Truth – Walk Your Talk. Chani Nicholas calls it “making room for miracles:

Declaring our commitment immediately calls in the possibility of doubt. That’s what choice does, it reveals what we allow ourselves to become constantly distracted by. Our doubts. Our fears. Our facades. But it’s too easy to make excuses. It’s too easy to be swayed by unfounded fears. It’s too easy to be unsure and to therefore stay in the same cycle.

This new moon is daring you to do that all differently. If you want a relationship, commit yourself to a practice of self-love, healing and preparing for them. If you want to open your own business, commit time every day towards learning about it and doing something towards manifesting it. If you want to feel good, commit to a self-care ritual and to loving yourself through each up and down. If you want justice you have to commit to making room for it in all aspects of life.

If we want anything, like anything at all, we have to show up for it in sickness, in health, in hopeful days and in ones where we despair. That’s what Saturn can teach us. If we want a miracle, we can at the very least prepare ourselves for one.

As we sink/sync into the Divine, be open to messages via synchronicities and know that Goddess/God/Universe is sending you love letters and guidance every single day. Embrace them, send kisses back, stand in gratitude, and be baptized in Liberation. Potent does not even begin to cover it!

December New Moon in Sagittarius Goddess Card Readings by Kimberly Moore

Every New Moon is a new beginning and some (like this one) are powerful co-creators are we speak and act our visions into manifestation. Be clear about what you are releasing and be clear about your intention-setting. Use the energy of this lunation to super-charge your intentions for the New Year as well!

Our four card Goddess Card Reading for the New Moon also includes a card from my very favorite Oracle Deck – Connected and Free ~ The Alchemist’s Oracle to give us a boost on those synchronistic messages.

InannasmallOur first Goddess has stepped forward as The Palace. I always interpret this card as Inanna, Sumerian Queen of Heaven. In one of Inanna’s hymns, The Joy of Sumer, they refer to Her as the Queen of the Palace, “the house which guides the land”. There are references in this part of the hymns to the day of the “disappearance of the moon” and the time of the “sleeping moon” which would be the New Moon. Inanna’s people make preparations for Her bridal chamber and the sacred union of Goddess and Her Consort Dumuzi.

Inanna appears for celebration – She says “Adorn your Palace“. This is a call to check in with our own palaces – inner and outer – and adorn them with sacred items and to cultivate sacred energy. Yule time is a magickal time of the year and Inanna brings blessings of Heaven and Earth right now. Cedar oil, juniper, sweet-smelling incense, offerings of food all correlate with this time of year and the divine celebrations of Goddess. How are you gathering in celebration right now? The lunation energy has moved in to waxing, bring cycle. Receive the beauty of the season and Goddess and pass it on!

Goddess Crystal for InannaLapis Lazuli – I love giving Inanna Lapis Lazuli! It is the color of Heaven and mined from the deepest depths of Earth. Lapis Lazuli is particularly apropos for this New Moon as it is the stone of Expanded Awareness.

Goddess Bast by Diveena

Make way for the Goddess Bast! She fills us and our houses with laughter, joy, singing, and dancing. She is the cat-headed Goddess of Egypt (as a cat, not lion like Her sister Sekhmet) and Her temples were renowned for their festivals. Bast says “Remember Your Joy. How are you reflecting and embracing joy in your life, thoughts, words, and actions right now?

In the midst of the holiday chaos … tap into your inner feline … spend a day lounging, eating what you want and when you want, bathe and groom yourself, play beautiful music, dance, drink wine. All of these may be done in honor of BAST!

Goddess Crystal for Bast – Lemon Quartz – Lemon Quartz is one of my chosen Bliss stones and embodies Our Lady of the Dawn in lightness, joy, and uplifting energy.

Art: The Goddess Bast by Diveena

Corn Woman by Lisa Thiel

New Moon is a time to plant our seeds, our intentions to take root and manifest with the energy of the Full Moon. As we are leading up to the eve of Winter Solstice, we are in (technically) the “darkest” time of the year – just like the New Moon. These micro and macro cycles give us wonderful opportunities to seed our intentions and that is what Corn Woman is calling us to do. Plant your seeds” is Her message and that means for this lunation and for the new turn of the year at Winter Solstice which neatly coincides with the turn of the calendar year as well.

Corn Woman gives Her gifts of abundance, prosperity, and plenty, but in order for new harvests to grow, we must gather the seeds from harvest past. Give an offering for Corn Woman by planting some seeds or making some delicious corn cakes to share with family and friends.

Goddess Offering: Instead of a crystal, I love to spread organic purple corn for Corn Woman and Gaia.

Art: Corn Woman by Lisa Thiel

Endings Card from The Alchemists Oracle

The card from The Alchemist’s Oracle is Endings. As 2015 draws to a close, endings are natural, especially for those who are looking to step into the New calendar year as free as possible. In the next few weeks, take some time to review 2015. What do you want to carry forward? What needs to be released and left in the dust of 2015?  Endings can be powerful statements of intention to welcome new beginnings. 

Crystals that go with the Endings Card: Rose Quartz, Bloodstone, Onxy, Ocean Jasper, Chrysoprase

Wishing you a wonderful, potent lunation with this New Moon! Happy Holiday Season! 

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Bright Blessings on this New Moon!


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My Goddess Oracle Box has Goddess Cards from multiple decks and contains over 400 Goddesses. One day as I was playing with the Goddess cards, I had the urge to mix them all together and so the Goddess Oracle Box was born! The cards from this reading came from the following decks:

The Palace – The Moon Oracle by Caroline Smith

Bast – Goddess Knowledge Cards by Susan Seddon Boulet

Corn MotherThe Goddess Oracle Deck & Book Set by Amy Sophia Marashinsky

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