Goddess EveryDay – An Online Prompt Course for the Divine Feminine

For your delight, your sustenance, your Goddess Spirit,it has been our joy to create Goddess EveryDay, a 365 day online course. Each day is a prayer, a poem, a prompt to bring Goddess into your consciousness. The goal is simple – to come into alignment with the Divine Feminine at least once a day.

All that is required for the course is YOU and a few minutes a day for you to sink into Goddess mindfulness; moments to pause, breathe, and be renewed. Some days are a simple prayer or invocation, others include a meditation, music, and mantras.

You will receive an email every day, a divine nudge, to step into sacred space for a brief time. Previous offerings are always available to return, reflect, and renew.

This course is hosted on Mystery School of the Goddess and is co-taught by Kimberly Moore and Brandi Auset.


Take the daily offerings as inspiration for further connection and study. What Goddesses call to you and invite you into their sacred mysteries? What Goddesses bring divine witness and guidance to your life? What offerings spark holy resonance in your soul?

We are blessed by Goddess and your presence. Cheers to an amazing Goddess-filled 365 days!

You may sign up for this course anytime and move through it at your pace. 

Sign up now to infuse your days with Goddess for the next year. Comments and Community are welcome!

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