Kwan Yin Revealed – An Online Course for the Goddess Kwan Yin

Length:  Self-paced and may be completed within 30 days

Kwan Yin Revealed: Exploring and Becoming the Goddess of Compassion is a 30 day guided journey to the Goddess Kwan Yin. She is the Chinese Goddess of Compassion and Mercy ~ She Who Hears the Cries of the World.

In seeking Kwan Yin, we work with the guidance of Sandy Boucher, the prominent Buddhist teacher and author of nine published books,  and Kimberly Moore, a Priestess of Goddess Spirituality. The result is a journey that enlightens, expands, and activates the experience of the Goddess Kwan Yin from multiple paths of worship.

This course is hosted on Mystery School of the Goddess.

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Activate the Goddess Kwan Yin through her myth, mantras, and meditation and the ten lessons of the course. Compassion, gratitude, and kindness are the hallmarks of Kwan Yin, and we dive into these concepts through activities, meditation, and prompts. Her many faces and the expanse of her worship are explored, including her reflection in Mother Mary, the Goddesses Tara and Maria Kannon, and the Orisha Goddess Oshun.

Included within the course are opportunities to seek Kwan Yin through music, art activities, and nature. There is an active forum and participants may share inspiration, journal reflections, and results of their newfound connection with the Divine Feminine. The course is self study, meaning you may complete it at your own pace, and is moderated by Sandy and Kimberly. Both are available for questions and guidance.

The Goddess Kwan Yin is waiting to be revealed in your heart. Will you join us?

Kwan Yin Revealed - Exploring and Becoming the Goddess of Compassion with Sandy Boucher and Kimberly Moore Mystery School of the Goddess

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