Orisha Goddesses Online Course with Kimberly F Moore

The Orisha Goddesses are elemental connections to our deepest selves. The seductive, the graceful, the wild, and the primordial are embodied within the ancient tales and modern presences of the Goddesses Oshun, Yemaya, Oya, Oba, and Nana Buruku. Representatives of the waters in our world and our bodies, they are a siren call to women who are ready to sink into the intrinsic power of Goddess. Music, meditation, journal prompts, and Goddess practices are included within this course to facilitate connection and to honor and embrace the empowered wisdom offered by the Orisha Goddesses.

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We begin with the intoxicating Oshun of the Sweet Waters  who is the source of the river, of the people, of children, of life, and the very blood of life itself. Oshun entices and seduces with laughter, honey, and magic, but She also brings very real lessons of creation, cycles, and sustenance.

Orisha Goddesses artYemaya is the Mother of Oceans who nourishes and cleanses. As the nurturing Mother, She listens to our troubles and washes away our sorrows, but She is also the stern Mother with Her hands on Her hips and steel in Her eyes that can bring us to proper behavior with a look. From Yemaya, we draw strength and majesty.

Oya is a Warrior Orisha Goddess. She is the ruler of the wind and tornadoes and the personification of the Niger River. At the gates of the cemeteries, She watches over the dead and reminds us of our ancestral connections. To Her we turn for transformation, purification, and blowing out energy that no longer serves us.

Oba is the traditional wife and rejected woman. She holds deep healing for women on many levels and empowerment and evolution beyond traditional roles. She returns us to the nourishment of Self and comfort within our own quiet sovereignty.

Nana Buruku is the Grandmother of the Orishas. From Her, we learn of our Wise Woman roots and how to tap into them for our practices and spiritual evolution.


There are seven modules within the Orisha Goddesses course released over 30 days that offer an introduction to the Orisha Goddesses; resources for further exploration; and individual modules for Oshun, Yemaya, Oya, Oba, and Nana Buruku to include stories, music, journal prompts, and suggestions for connection and Goddess practices.

This course approaches the Orisha Goddesses from a Goddess Spirituality standpoint with insights from my personal experience of Orisha devotion.

Orisha Goddesses Mystery School of the Goddess Kimberly Moore

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