Malas and Mantras for Spiritual Practice Online Course

Mantra is Sacred Seeds and Syllables. Divine Sound. Numinous Words. Mystical Utterance. Celestial Formula. Consecrated Intention. Holy Devotion. Rapturous Connection. Universal Bliss.  Through these physical vibrations and sacred reverberations, we offer our sacred intentions. Through the words, our intentions are carried through the manifested and spiritual worlds and invite deity into blessed space. Chant with me!

The practice of mantra and daily chanting has transformed my life and spiritual practice. It enhances and elevates our relationship to Goddess and other deities, and taps into heart of our manifested speech and action. It brings clarity and alignment with our desires and passions.

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Malas are sets of beads used for prayer and meditation. “Mala” is a Sanskrit word meaning “garland”. I find it beautiful to think of them as garlands for holy adornment! Malas may be used for mantras, chanting, prayer, meditation, to wear, and to share on your altars and Goddess statues.

Divine Garlands and Consecrated Intentions is an online course for those interested in beginning mantra as a spiritual practice and also for those looking for an infusion of new energy to their current practice.

Some of the lessons included within the course are:

  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Sacred Mantra Playlist
  • Choosing Mantras
  • Types of Malas
  • Tips for Mantra Practice
  • Shakti Bija Mantras
  • Chants that I Love
  • Resources for Malas and Mantras

Malas and Mantras for Spiritual Practice with Kimberly Moore Mystery School of the Goddess

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