Nourished Spring – Free eCourse with Kimberly Moore

Nourished Spring is a series of prompts, practices, and recipes to welcome spring, delight in the potential of new beginnings, and commit to sacred self care in the bright light of a world transitioning from bud to bloom. Sync mind, body, and spirit as we explore the inner and outer delights of spring. Bring your journal and a commitment to experiencing a spring of sacred celebration!

You are invited to step mindfully, blissfully into the spring season. Emerging from the frozen grip of winter, we allow ourselves to take deep breaths, raise our faces to the sun, and embrace the renewal of nature. We revel in the liberation of Spring and the gifts of new beginnings, both inner and outer.

Spring is the perfect time to venture into Nature and connect with the Goddesses that are birthing it right before our eyes. We sync to the rhythms of Gaia and create elemental ceremony that reflects our urge to transform, evolve, and bloom.


Spring offerings include:

  • Seasonal reminders to guide and inspire you
  • Writing prompts to infuse your journal practice
  • Ideas for Spring altars and ceremony
  • Photo activities that encourage you to be a divine witness to the unfolding of Spring
  • Recipes that nourish and renew – bliss bowls, smoothies, and more!
  • Mindful Practices to support the creation of a life that nourishes you
  • Ways to connect with the Divine Feminine and Goddesses of Spring
  • Spring Divination and Animal Ally practices
  • Gaia medicine and working with crystals

The windows are open, flowers are blooming, and we gather in community to invoke light and laughter as the grace of Spring surrounds us!

This is a free online offering and the second in a seasonal series being offered to enhance your own practices for the year.

Nourished Spring is 22 days long and you will receive something new each day. Work through the daily lessons or explore it at your own pace. Nourished Spring will remain open until June 1 and then Nourished Summer will be released on or near the Summer Solstice.

**Please note, participants in Nourished Winter will be added to the Shakti Womyn email list. 

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