Saraswati Sadhana – 40 Day Goddess Study and Practice

Goddess of wisdom, who appears as syllables,

Words, sentences, and understanding,

Goddess in who all meaning inheres

From beginningless time, grant me your grace.

Goddess who purifies and enriches the soul,

You who are the treasurer of intelligence,

Please accept these words, my humble offering!

~ Saraswati Rahasya Upanishad

The Hindu Shakti Goddess Saraswati is Knowledge and the root of Wisdom. She is Divine Speech and the essence of Truth and the Spoken Word.  As an ancient River Goddess, her power flows through all levels of our being-ness, as well as our inner and outer expressions. Her influence reaches the highest spiritual realms and manifests in the practical for those who invite her grace.

Her name means “the one who gives the essence (Sara) of our own selves (Swa)”. In this evocative 40 day Saraswati Sadhana (a sadhana is a spiritual practice undertaken with a goal), we will explore the myths, mantras, and practices of Saraswati, as well as the manifestation of Wisdom, Creativity, and Truth within the essence of our Selves and our everyday lives.

Each day for 40 days, we will unfold the magic of Saraswati through prompts, practices, mantras, recipes, prayers, journaling, and creative activities.

This course is self-study so you may begin anytime and complete at your own pace.

BONUS: lessons on Mantras, Mantra Practice, Creating Sacred Space, and a guided Shakti Meditation that will be immediately accessible.

JAI MAA! I look forward to exploring the sacred wisdom and enlivening creative energy of Saraswati with you! No previous experience or knowledge is required, just YOU! xo Kimberly

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