Nourished Winter – Free Seasonal Offering

You are invited to step mindfully, joyfully into the winter season. Wrap yourself in the cozy, the warm, the wholistic practices offered. Allow the prompts to guide and inspire you. Channel your inner hungry goddess to create recipes that nourish and sustain. Embrace the act of consciously creating a life that nourishes you. The hearth fires are lit and we gather in community to invoke light and laughter as the depths of winter surround us! Nourished Winter is a series […] Read more »

A Year of Sacred Living

The Everyday Sacred is a holy container; a place that gives us permission to breathe, to desire, to explore, to dream, to soften, to play, to laugh, to manifest.  It is the sacred space to welcome the divine, the holy into every moment of our lives.  It is the support to define the sacred in our worlds – those things that are consecrated to the very altars of our being in this life. A Year of Sacred Living is at […] Read more »

Malas and Mantras for Spiritual Practice Online Course

Mantra is Sacred Seeds and Syllables. Divine Sound. Numinous Words. Mystical Utterance. Celestial Formula. Consecrated Intention. Holy Devotion. Rapturous Connection. Universal Bliss.  Through these physical vibrations and sacred reverberations, we offer our sacred intentions. Through the words, our intentions are carried through the manifested and spiritual worlds and invite deity into blessed space. Chant with me! The practice of mantra and daily chanting has transformed my life and spiritual practice. It enhances and elevates our relationship to Goddess and other deities, […] Read more »

Orisha Goddesses Online Course with Kimberly F Moore

The Orisha Goddesses are elemental connections to our deepest selves. The seductive, the graceful, the wild, and the primordial are embodied within the ancient tales and modern presences of the Goddesses Oshun, Yemaya, Oya, Oba, and Nana Buruku. Representatives of the waters in our world and our bodies, they are a siren call to women who are ready to sink into the intrinsic power of Goddess. Music, meditation, journal prompts, and Goddess practices are included within this course to facilitate […] Read more »

Writing the Goddess Online Course

Have you ever sat in front of a blank journal and had no idea what to write?  Do you have the urge to articulate but need a jumpstart?  Are you drawn to the Divine Feminine but wondered where to begin? Writing the Goddess is a 22 day self-study online course for those who would like to explore the Divine Feminine and themselves, via journaling, research and the study of a dedicated Goddess through mindful questioning, evocative prompts, and occasional exercises. […] Read more »

Goddess EveryDay – An Online Prompt Course for the Divine Feminine

For your delight, your sustenance, your Goddess Spirit,it has been our joy to create Goddess EveryDay, a 365 day online course. Each day is a prayer, a poem, a prompt to bring Goddess into your consciousness. The goal is simple – to come into alignment with the Divine Feminine at least once a day. All that is required for the course is YOU and a few minutes a day for you to sink into Goddess mindfulness; moments to pause, breathe, […] Read more »

Kwan Yin Revealed – An Online Course for the Goddess Kwan Yin

Length:  Self-paced and may be completed within 30 days Kwan Yin Revealed: Exploring and Becoming the Goddess of Compassion is a 30 day guided journey to the Goddess Kwan Yin. She is the Chinese Goddess of Compassion and Mercy ~ She Who Hears the Cries of the World. In seeking Kwan Yin, we work with the guidance of Sandy Boucher, the prominent Buddhist teacher and author of nine published books,  and Kimberly Moore, a Priestess of Goddess Spirituality. The result […] Read more »

Goddess Lakshmi Blessings eCourse

Embodied within the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi is everything that makes life sweet and wonderful.  She is abundance, sustenance, wealth, beauty, vitality, good fortune, and radiance. Through Her, we receive the luster of life that invigorates us and propels us forward in joy and happiness.  Shri Lakshmi is every form and expression of goodness in the Universe and if She were to turn her gorgeous face from us, the world would die. In the Lakshmi Blessings Online Course, you will receive […] Read more »

Queen of Herself Persephone Goddess Activation COurse

Goddess Activation Course – Persephone: Queen of Herself

The myth of the Goddess Persephone and the story of Her journey from Kore (Maiden) to Queen of the Underworld, holds universal, archetypal truths for all women. The Greek Goddess Persephone represents the duality of woman on the threshold of youth, yearning for the freedom of maturity. She is the Daughter bonded to the Mother and a Bride thrust into a new world and new experiences. Her myth reflects our own journeys into womanhood and independence, providing soul-deep validation when […] Read more »

52 Goddesses eCourse

52 Goddesses Online Course

The Goddesses are Ancient Deities that have been venerated for centuries in every culture that has existed in the world.  As humankind has moved forward and the major world religions have shifted to a more Father God (patriarchal) focus, the Goddess has not been lost.  She is still worshiped in nature and in groups around the world.  Her aspects are Archetypal energies that reside deep within all of us – The Soul Seeds of the Goddess.  Activating the Soul Seeds of […] Read more »