How to Schedule a Reading

Are you ready to schedule a Goddess Card Reading?

Choose the reading that best suits your situation or a Goddess Oracle reading to cover multiple topics!

Go to the reading page and click on the Paypal button below to order the reading.

Send the contact form to let me know you sent Paypal and which reading you are requesting.

I will send you a confirmation within 24 hours normally and request any information that I need for the reading.

If you have chosen an email reading, you will receive your report within 4-6 days.

If you have chosen a phone/Skype consultation, the appointment will be scheduled via email after receipt of the report.

Enjoy your Goddess connection!

Goddess Card Readings How to Order a Reading


**Goddess Card Readings are not intended as a replacement for professional services, including: Medical, Mental Health, Business/Legal, and Financial services. Goddess Card Readings are intended as educational, spiritual advice, and entertainment purposes only. See the full Legal Disclaimer and Terms of Service.